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 Tanoa  Hotel, Nadi 
Toani  B Takirua (MOE) 
 Taitai Teororo  (TVET/KIT) 
 Bibiana Bureimoa  (CDRC) 
 Aberaam  Tebitaki (KTC) 
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Background information in general.  
 Education Priorities in Kiribati:  Kiribati 
Development plan and Education Sector 
Strategic Plan,  Pacific Plan, Millennium 
Development Goal. 
Current situation on Climate Change 
Initiatives implemented relating to CCE 
Way Forward  for CCE in Kiribati. 
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Kiribati Government Education Policies: 
Education ordinance, Kiribati development 
plan 2008-2011 and the education sector 
strategic plan 2008-2011; implemented by 
the Ministry of Education 
 Population-105,000 in the year 2010 
 Ministry of Education Recurrent Budget 
24% of national budget (the biggest) 
Organization Structure  
Development partners support to education 
-AusAid’s support is increasing 
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“Nurturing our children and young people 
to become wise and worthwhile citizens 
able to adapt to, and participate in, their 
changing world”
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1. Deliver a high quality, coherent and relevant 
school curriculum for Kiribati children. 
2. Provide a conducive learning environment in 
Kiribati schools. 
3. Develop a competent and effective school 
education work force. 
4. Strengthen policy and planning systems for 
achievement of quality education outcomes 
5. Strengthen the legislative and regulatory 
framework for managing the school sector 
6. Consolidate partnerships with stakeholders in the 
education system.
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Curriculum Development Resource Center (CDRC).
Roles: To develop and review of NCAF (Syllabuses, Teacher guides, 
Student materials for primary, JSS, SSS. 
Drafted syllabuses that integrate CCE  for Year 1-6 
Not  in-depth CC in curriculum  
 Roles: Training pre-service and in-service teachers  
 CCE  is partially integrated in Environmental science, Social Science 
and Science; site visits ( excursions) 
Offer TESOL/ ESL course to pre-service and in-service teachers 
CC is not in the curriculum 
Deliver quality courses aligned with Australian standards (TSSP) 
No specific courses on CC 
Conducting Environmental sustainability skills 
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Kiribati Government implements Education Policies to equip 
the youth/people of Kiribati  to get qualification in order to 
secure employment overseas(TVET, TESOL/ESL, KANI etc) 
UNESCO conducted Sand Watch workshop on climate change 
and education for sustainable development.  
Development of sand watch committee : CDRC, Social Science 
teachers:  Junior and Senior Secondaries- chaired by 
Environment Conservation Division (MELAD) 
 CCE workshop coincides with the implementation of NCAF 
 Mangroves planting along causeways coastlines- Environment 
Youths Club ( MELAD)  
Kiribati adaptation project (KAP) 
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‘…..cclimate change with its spiralling costs are 
all factors which have led the Government of 
Kiribati (GoK) to adopt a merit-based 
relocation strategy as one option for its 
people. This strategy involves the up skilling 
of I-Kiribati to make them competitive in 
international labour markets so that …
they choose to migrate, they will migrate on 
merit and with dignity. They will be received 
by their adopted countries not as burdens, but 
as worthwhile members of the community.’
(Statement by His Excellency Anote Tong, 25 September 2008, 
quoted in TVETSSP Project Design Document page iv). 
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Lack of professional knowledge by KTC trainers 
and Curriculum developers  to embed CCE in the 
training and Curriculum ( all curriculum areas) 
 Rolling out CCE to other teachers-  outer islands, 
phoenix and Line Groups 
 New Approach/ Concept  to be included in 
teaching and learning process 
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Well integration of CCE in teaching and learning 
process both primary, JSS , SSS and TVET 
Financial Support for training of trainers, 
curriculum developers and resource materials 
 Establish network with existing CC National bodies 
 Regional Networking on CCE for sustainability and 
to consolidate effort to urge developed countries to 
take appropriate policies  to control Climate 
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 Te Mauri ( Good Heath), Te Raoi ( Peace) ao Te 
Tabomoa ( Prosperity). 
Thank you.